Artist Statement

All the elements of my works are attempted to visualise an attitude of harboring doubt with the idea between ordinary and extraordinary, meaningless and significant, secular and sacred. In order to create a paradox by using an ambiguity scene or capturing the mixture of symbols which are creating multiple inherent meanings. I am trying keeping the neutral perspective of works and reaching the boundary of normality and absurdity. At the same time it is a self-examination creating a platform to step out from usual situation of ordinary.

I make sculpture with the method of molding and casting. Repetitive casting becomes a significant element of my works, which conceptually contained the status changing of neutral belief and the revaluation and re-appropriation of the actual objects. The use of repetition juxtaposed with icon negating the concept of preciousness, simultaneously, deflating the notion of fine art. The artwork itself is being in the grey zone.

Most of my recent artworks are engaging common religion symbols and trying to construct a new absurd system of belief. It would be nigh to superstition. The mixture of icons, signs and symbols will be utilized to expend and explore different fields and materials provoking the introspection of individuals.