Index - The Crypt Gallery

Awareness of the responding site

Site and title responsive became a task towards artists basing on the curation team. That made me went to the crypt gallery certain time and also the St pancreas church upstairs also. With no doubt, the crypt gallery is a very damp space and a holy place. This one even contains its own history. According to my constant curiosity of doubt, I tried to think about the dampness towards Christianity. Holy water is one of the relations that inspired me to make the piece Cyclic Holy.



Role of being cruator 

When Edwina told us to choose one of the jobs that you are not familiar with, I chose the curating team. Cause I always thinks curator is one of the most important role of exhibition. It is about sense of space, interpretation of art piece, organization, time management, etc. Many kind of aspect inside that jobs and I think that is a good opportunity to learn more about it. That is why I raised my hand.

I have done some researches about curation before I did this job. The word “curator” came from Latin “curare” meaning “take care”. The main responsibility of curator is the one who takes care artists and their works. Helping them delivering their massages or ways of seeing to the audiences. In spite of I have such a long time away London during the whole summer, so I just can participial to the discussion part of the curating team. However, this is still a good experience working with people, observing the surrounding events and helping the setup processing of works. I have learnt a lot during the whole process such as time management of digest and organize each idea of the artists and try to response to the site, the contextualization of linking the whole exhibition with coherent idea, also well communication with artists with respect and try to solve out the best solution of presenting the works.