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Ultimately to me, art should be a platform for the audience to exploit the diverse ways of seeing.


According Wittgenstein mentioned in the book called "Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology", '516. If somebody showed me the figure and asked me 'What is that?', I could answer him only that way. --I couldn't answer: 'I take that to be a . . .' or 'Probably that is a . . .' Any more than I take letters to be this or that when I'm reading a book.'


The uncertainty and diversity of creativity in visually seeing somethings is more than verbal comprehension. As the case that Wittgenstein raise a example of duckrabbit and ask 'what is it'. The process of thinking about 'what is it' already have been a redefinition of our precaption. I aim to abut against this attitude to produce my works. This is one of my beliefs to push me make my works continuously.



A German Philosopher Edmund Hussel use a Greek word -"Epoché" in "" which is a method of bracketing to reduct our natural beliefs. Maintaining a act of suspending judgement to our nataurl world. 


During I am thinking my works, I always keep my status to be Epoche. It gave me a platform or a distance to think about my development of my work. There is no black and white. There is all in gery. 



Found Objects 


Found objects are one of the most important parts at the very beginning of my works. I am habitually discovering objects have contained certain meanings or feeling that related to our neutral belief. Wherever they are in the shop or on the street. These objects should be easy for audiences to apply their thoughts into them. In that sense, all of the objects represented icons, signs and symbols are the targets that what I want to found. Here are two found objects of my main pieces below.


Molding is about copying, duplicating and manipulating. Thinking of what I am doing to do with it and what would it become. Considering which medium that I would use in the mold and how could I take the objects out of the mold without breaking it. It is all about care. I would say molding is the bridge of my creation. It is the most importance and valuable part personally in my practice. It is a process for me having conversation of the objects. And it always could lead me to some very interesting areas where I have never been before. Thinking though making.

Casting is more about concept and context and directly related to repetition. It included my concern of mass production in the commercial world, the status changing of neutral belief and the revaluation and re-appropriation of the actual objects.

Found Objects




The interaction with audience



Statues Changing 

Revaluation and Re-appropriation


Repetition in my pieces became one of the fundamental elements.  It began since I was working the piece of mine in 1st assessment Sisyphean Eternity – Mass production of Ben. The repetition of Jesus babies is giving another perspective to audience to think. After that, the experiments of repetition keep appear in my pieces. At the same time, the meaning of every time repetition is slightly different from another other. The possibility of it is still coming up in different pieces that I have done.

As we could see the piece Untitled (Revelation 13:18), donkey wax candles repetitively facing the same position. Referring to the repeating action of lighting up candles in church and also representing the similar direction or thinking (neutral belief) that they are following.

 I tried to explore repetition as actions to product works everyday as a routine. Exercises is a series of collages I did each of a day. The experience of using repetition trained the sense of position and helped making up my mind through making.

In the work After The Ritual, the repetitions of those waves are aiming to trigger the neutral thinking of how is the natural waves and create a weirdness feeling of the artificiality. It is a representation of the ritual is caused by human.


The interaction with audience

Concept behind action

Expend to business reflected mass production

The inspiration of mass-producing scared items forced my interests to the interaction with audiences thought my art pieces. I am going to describe about the transformation between the piece Mass Production of Ben and the selling of the chalk.

The piece Sisyphean Eternity is actually two works in one installation which is Mass Production of Ben and Whatever!.  Simply saying is audiences are free to take the baby chalk and write things on board. The most that I concern is the action of writing by consuming Jesus. It is provocatively raising more than one question if you are having more information about the piece and stepping back to see the happening.

After I have done this, I am keep thinking the interactive wise could be potentially expended to art business. And it could be able to deliver the criticism or constant amount of thinking in a subtler and more invisible way. A marketable shiny box with a reasonable price and one of the baby-Jesus chalks is sitting inside. The experiment of interact with audience is coming soon in the shop of MFA Fine Art Show 2016.


The revaluation and re-appropriation of the actual objects

In the process of using different material casting the actual objects that I chose. It removed all of surface of the actual objects, the paint and the colour.  At the same time, the original sharp was leave over with the medium that I used. It is always like returning to factory stage. There is a trace refer to the mass production industry. Colourless, meaningless, emotionless present through the casting of the objects. The organic form of the objects is what I would like audience to feel about it. Following what medium I am using, the connotation would be different.

For example,

Beeswax   -   Church wax & the signaficant smell

Chalk   -   fragile & it will become dust when you use it


The status changing of neutral belief

Changing the status of neutral belief is about definition and situation. It is like the way to ask again what are you thinking ordinary is. Once you asked, the answer expended.


For example,


Someone said, ‘this pen is permanently belongs to me.’


Another one asked, ‘so what is permanent?’


It pushed the limit to become extreme, and there is no longer permanent anymore.


Narrative - The falling action

The falling action is the part i interested the most. To me, it have the higher potential to give the biggest impact to audiences. Also, a good falling action is different to build. It needs all the suface elements to hide it. Humor is a good element come along with the falling action. One of the example of my works is Just a Sound of Blow.


Elements, which are carrying duality and polyphyly meaning - connotation and denotation


  • Create more thought 

  • Appropriation of religious elements

  • meaningful and meaningless

  • 3- familiar number in religious context

  • Fire- carrying multipue meaning 

  • Children- ambiguous feeling

  • Sleep and death- similar structure



Language used in works

Words in artworks, somehow in contemporary art, dominate a very big part. This phenomenon sometimes makes benefit to artist, but not at all. That is not a black and white issue but obviously affect our ways of seeing. 


Once, I start to think about it deeply. Usually, language that we can discover in artworks is at works' title, captions or preface of exhibitions. 


Therefore, the significance of languages becomes obbligato with my works. I want to play with that contain language within the context of my works. There are several words in context that I will use.


- Words with same sound (Homophones)

- A word with multiple meanings (Homonyms)

- Same word with different pronounication and meanings (Homographs)

- Different words with same meanings (Synonyms)

- Phase in different language with similar meanings (Translated words)

- New words or replace phrases made by myself











Site responsive

It is important for me to attend site pacific events or projects. I constantly apply different events and competitions intentionally. And that helps and keeps my whole context of works response to different space. Those pushed me a lot in another perspective to view my other side of works. Also, events made fresh ideas or elements that I never thought that before. It is a process of purifying my work and like a mirror to reflect what I am really working on.