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Kentish Town Health Centre

20x20 Exhibition


This was first of our class exhibition that curated by one of our classmates. As you see, there are some straight forwards criteria of our works to response to the space. When I began think of my piece, I am thinking about how to “challenge” the similar outcome of the visual of the exhibition because of “limitation”.


The piece I exhibited is called Series of Hitch- The List is far from Being Complete. Firstly, the position of hanging up the actual painting was the aspect I did think about. When I painted the painting, I turn it to a rhombus way. 


Afterward, the way of curation let me think the relationship between Processing and finishing.  The hung of a painting is non-showing action in the exhibition. Normaly, it is in the session of parparation. However, to a painter, hunging their painting on the wall which is a significance action even like celebration or commemoration. So, I tried to paint the process to become the finishing work. The composition of painting, the action of me inside the painting is serious, careful and sacred. Hunging up the item on the wall but there is nothing inside. There is the unpainted surface. Also, that is the further anaylsis of finishing versus unfinishing. It is a kind of meta painting that works are talking to itself. 


The list is far from being complete is the translation of the phrase in Chinese. This is a kind of meaning translation(connotation). The denotation of the Chinese phrase is about the action of hitching one thing simultaneously missing myrid other things.