Sispyhean Eternity


two works in one installation

irregular size



Mass Production of Ben


333 baby chalk consume by audience

irregular size


I am trying to think about what is the gery zone between secular and sacred. As a tourist, I discover that there are many of religious items selling in the shops. I am starting thinking about why things in terms of religion could become goods.


I have carefully though about using Jesus for the main element of the work. I decided to use baby Jesus Because it is not that easy to discover it is jesus although it is holding a pose like cross. 


I have made three hundard and thirty three baby chalks. 3 is a very familiar number that we easy to discover in religious context. I intented to make the number become 333. I would say it is triptych in triptych. 


I containly intented to hide detail in my works. I think that would be more playful and interactive with audience's imagenation. Ideally, people can discover something new whenever they see the work.


By the way, Ben is just the conjunction of Jesus's name coming out from translation (Yeshua ben Yosef). 



blackboard on the floor



Mass production of Ben is correspond to Whatever. Audience write by using Jesus, at the same time, chalk will become powder(dust) and easy to be clean. 


Actually, the piece is lying on the floor. Once audience want to write whatever they want to write, needed to be on the knee.