The Moment Between Good and Evil


Adam's Pearmain Apple Tree , Sir Isaac Newton Apple Tree and wooden chair with words

Public Installation




In regard to the Park Fifteen Project, I try to think about the ordinary of park and what is park stand for. Trees are one of the most important aspects in park. I am trying to use this extreme normal element to question about what is the relationship between art and park especially in the Cannizaro park, which has some superb trees and shrubs and is attractive to the horticulturalists and the gardeners as well as those who visit[1].


In my project, I would like to have two apple trees planting in the site of the Cannizaro Park, which is standing out of the other trees. The trees become the artwork itself, and simultaneously become a part of the park. They carry the idea of ordinary and extraordinary, meaningless and significant.


Apple tree itself is also carrying a context of perception like Newton discovered the gravity or Adam and Eve noticed shame. It appears in the site making the question about the way of seeing to our ordinary life.