Canary Wharf- Dreaming of Island


Our project started at our observations interact with the idea of “dreaming of island” of that place.  


First of all, it is a particular place in London where is the main global finance center. Superficially, there is a highly developed place where is the meeting point of global investor. Presenting a motion of ambitious and a high-end life style. Profoundly, there are totally controlled by the government. As you know there are CCTVs and particular polices all over this place. In fact, there are no skateboarding and rolling, no photography and filming. It is totally different from the other public place we used to experience.


The idea of under-control is the movement of separation. Making the place not only physically but also conceptually became an island -“dreaming of island”. The place became alienated against the surrounding environment. People are getting themselves into that kind of high-level life style based on capitalism and making a new start, at the same time, predominating, deserting and fearing each other.


Alien is our main element of our project. It is necessary for us to rethink about our environment. It would be a metaphor as the people there like mirror. Creating alien scene in the urban landscape. Rising the awareness of people about their surrounding area. Bring back the democracy through a nonsense science fictional street theater act.



Life sculpture 


Appropriation of ordinary spectacle intervenes to the other situation of ordinary. Aggregation of normalization derives extraordinary. Street performers are one of our elements that we noticed. The appearance of them makes the city landscape become surreal. Aliens are floating in the air and waiting for humankind and taking their photos. At the same time, their action related to money and represented one of the city hierarchies. We would like employing group of street performers who we usually see at the central London. Or acting group of alien police are hugging around. Allowing them to intervene into that fancy and ideal island.