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Kentish Town Health Centre

Wilding the Edge - David Toop

Wilding the Edge is contrastingly clam in David Toop's team. I had noticed that David is a sound artist before the event because of his lecture. I am interested to what he said about sound experience and the attitude of what he is. Also, I constantly want to export this element in my work. Therefore, I thought this was a good opportunity to meet and communicate to a practical sound artist and might get inspiration though the process. During the walking tour, we were very concentrate and tried to stop in different area when we noticed noise. We listened and then discussed about the experience and feeling which were different from normal or some sound we usually passed over. We tried to note and point out which sound do we like or not.


After that David and I have a great discussion. We talk about people over get use to some sound in urban city such as bird and children. And the dependency of vision affected imagination and creativity. The most important point is the definition of sound is an object or not. I think there is a blurriness of this argument is a better way to think diversely. And that made me creating a new piece called Just a Sound of Blow.